Cleaned out my contacts today. Reduced 650 contacts (some dating back to high school) down to about 170 I've actually used in the last year. 😅

Both these landed on my doormat this morning: Uni the Unicorn and Pfeil from my @stackmagazines@twitter.com subscription. Gotta say, I’m pretty excited about both of them. 😬🦄📖

PSA: Tech jobs are jobs. You shouldn’t have to become a celebrity, join a cult, or crawl through miles of metaphorical glass to land a technical role. Software engineers, sorry to tell you all, but you’re not special. You learned skills to do a job.

— Nikema ✸ (@NikemaCodes) June 18, 2020

I feel like I need a vacation after 2 days of trying to book a vacation.

Wait. Was Kit from Knight Rider a cylon??

An excellent way to commemorate the day Colston fell! https://www.instagram.com/p/CBNmTVZsDKS

If you react immediately and negatively to someone’s request for you to stop doing something that offends/upsets them, I encourage you to think more slowly. Your gut reaction, your fast efficient thinking, is built up of your experiences and perceptions.

Think more slowly about your reactions and take a moment to think of the experiences of the person requesting change.

Don’t let yourself only be defined by the experiences and perception you have until now. Grow!

Something bothering me about frontend development recently is how uncomfortably close it often feels to e.g. the world of fitness, diets, self-help: an unending treadmill of trends, driven by people relentlessly hawking insider access to the latest silver bullet.

— Tom Dale (@tomdale) May 28, 2020