What are good resources for new QA's who are non-technical but interested in QA automation? e.g. automated browser tests, pipeline integration. Talks? Articles?

A cozy chat about onboarding with https://Quin.md at the Lead Developers Meetup. 🔥 https://www.meetup.com/Lead-Developers-Amsterdam



‪“Preserving the web, or more specifically the open principles behind it, means protecting one of the few paths for innovation left in the modern tech world that doesn't have a giant company acting as a gatekeeper.”‬ 💯


Choosing whether or not to include world coverage on my dutch health insurance. 🤔 ‘I’m probably not travelling outside of Europe much this year, I can save some money.’ Remembers Brexit...

Here’s my proxy 2c on the 40+ working hours thing. 💯 this:

If you can't credit your success to long hours, you will have to face the fact that it is mostly luck and being in the right place at the right time.

— Andreas Møller (@cullophid) December 27, 2019

PSA: You can set muted words in Twitter.

Settings > Content preferences > Muted > Muted words

I really hope post it notes and a timeline were involved.

My friend in SF told a guy she was seeing that it wasn't going to work out and he asked to run through a post-mortem together about it

— Linda Xie (@ljxie) December 16, 2019

This. 💯

IMO, software development is 90% human and 10% code.

Sometimes we spend too much time on the code and not enough time on the human things that really matter.

Automate away the code part as much as you can. Focus on the human part.

— David K. 🎹 (@DavidKPiano) December 12, 2019

That moment at a conference when complete strangers gather around a small table with their conference breakfast and say nothing at all.

I felt guilty popping my daughter’s balloon puppy so I put it outside in the cold and now I feel worse.