Keeping up my stellar cadence of ~2 blog posts per year. ✊ Here's a quick one on how I manage vim sessions when working on multiple branches at the same time. ✨


Never has any person so succinctly captured the feelings of so many in one tweet:

Is it omicron or delta or your period or a cold or flu or allergies or anxiety or long covid or perimenopause or food poisoning or migraine or a tumor (“it’s not a tumor”) or PTSD or parenting is just so hard lolol or too much sitting and screen time and stress or IS IT COVID or

— Farah Miller (@farahlearned) December 19, 2021

100% accurate


— Classical Studies Memes for Hellenistic Teens (@CSMFHT) December 18, 2021

So shiny. 😍😍😍

Project Hail Mary was a lot of nerdy sciency space fun. I ripped through it in a couple weeks! (which is quick for me). Might be my favourite of Andy Weir’s books. 🚀👨‍🏫🪨


Today is one of these days...

Frida’s choices of laying spots perplex me.

My mother-in-law is visiting after not seeing the T for 2 years. Tonight I asked T who she wanted to read bedtime books. Without looking up, she pointed in her grandma’s direction and said “him.”

For some reason I was reminded of Mr Blobby and good grief that was a strange phase of British late night television.

Not wrong...

Dear English Language, pic.twitter.com/pgi3kAkm6Q

— Jazz Emu (@thejazzemu) September 29, 2021