The further I get into my career, the less specific opinions I have on software development and data and the more I am just amazed that this <gestures vaguely at entire Internet> works at all.

— Vicki (@vboykis) May 7, 2021

I wrote about my email workflow after switching to @fastmail@twitter.com from @heyhey@twitter.com. Really happy with the switch. Same workflow, but greater flexibility to evolve it.


What are your favourite monorepo links? Arguments for/against. Tooling. Tips. 🚝

Based on this thread, it seems 25% (15/58) of Basecamp employees have quit over the policy changes (so far).

Let's keep track of the folks who are leaving @Basecamp and do what we can to find them a new home where they're allowed to exist without being told they're divisive:

— John Breen (@_breeeeen_) April 30, 2021

What's everyone's go-to CI platform these days? 🤖

A pretty spot-on observation.

Twitter often seems like farting in a van where you can’t roll the windows down. https://t.co/maQdREwYTD

— St. Vincent (@st_vincent) April 28, 2021

With the little Dutch I understand I’m deriving so much joy from listening to this dude speak Flemish.

I swear it sounds like a Scotsman speaking Dutch.

Belgian man parks in garage 6cm wider than his car pic.twitter.com/uqy1J7JdA7

— Tom Moylan (@moylato) April 27, 2021

So if the company is a product and their employees are their customers are they going to maintain support for the old policies for existing customers like they do for Basecamp Classic and Basecamp 2?

Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On is one of those songs where I can’t not hear the exact moment where there wasn’t quite enough tape left on the mixtape that lived in my car for several years. 📼