I think we can all agree Iceland wins the evening no matter what happens. #Eurovision

What the hell Germany. #Eurovision

💯 I've seen too many forms that don't allow spaces in last names. 🤦


Can’t stop watching...

How users use software pic.twitter.com/BkjQSKLbD9

— Patrick Rauland (@BFTrick) May 18, 2021

Pretty disappointing to hear of more and more podcasts moving away from open podcasting to be exclusively on Spotify. Guessing there’s something Spotify is offering to make monetising easier? I use and love @pocketcasts@twitter.com and don’t plant on switching.

Yes. Always. 😛

I think my number growing up and my current mobile number are the only phone numbers I remember now. I don’t even know my wife’s number. 😕

Does anyone (who grew up pre everything on social media) remember their parents landline numbers?

I don’t want them, I just wondered.

— Chris the outspoken (@outspoken_chris) May 14, 2021

Mama hugs and kisses 3 y/o while she’s busy playing.

3 y/o: “Niet doen, go away!”

It’s so nice having a multilingual child. 🇳🇱🇬🇧

Anyone have recommendations for indoor plant care books for beginners? I got a bunch of plants at the beginning of lockdown that I’ve managed not to kill but I feel like I could do better. 🪴

this is not what you think it is.

Tell me your programming language of choice without using code from your language of choice

— ✨ Jean Yang ✨ (@jeanqasaur) May 11, 2021


I guess that’s good then. 😊