About Piet

The short version

Anglo/Dutch web developer at Young Capital. Previously at Usabilla, Cozy, and Daylight Studio. I love the open web, test driven development, vim, and fries with mayo.

I live in the Netherlands with my wife Keven, my daughter Teddie, and Eskimo the cat.

The long version

I have dabbled in web development since I was a teenager. My first website was a R.E.M fanpage called “R.E.M ‘R’ US”, which is long lost (un)fortunately. The first time I got paid for web development was freelancing building brochure websites and Wordpress themes.

I quickly moved on to Daylight Studio, where I developed the foundation of my love for automation and all things web. Later at Cozy I was given the fantastic opportunity of developing their first static javascript web app from the ground up. It was at Cozy that I was first introduced to Test Driven Development, and the way I build software has never been the same since. In 2016 I started at Usabilla where I honed my skills leading teams and teaching TDD.

Some time while at Cozy I developed a love for the command-line. After some false starts, I adopted Vim as my primary text-editor and I love it to this day. I keep a set of dotfiles that I’m constantly (perhaps too constantly) improving and I’ve written a few command-line tools that no-one uses. (See Projects.) I use iTerm2, zsh, tmux, and my colourscheme of choice is solarized.

When I’m not working I’m being a husband to Keven and papa to Teddie. I collect vinyl and nerd out over headphones and keyboards.

I’m also passionate about the open web, team building, and a good cup of coffee.

Thanks for listening.

Piet 😬

Me plus Ted