I’ve been using a flex office space recently. Pretty happy with my semi-mobile desk setup.

Keyboard and trackpad stay in a locker and everything else comes home.

Continuity camera has been a great portable high quality web cam.

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Desk setup with 16 inch MacBook Pro, split mechanical keyboard with a trackpad in the middle

Lol. This feels like something out of The Onion or an SNL sketch. ✅🤦


Did anyone else have the 'my first Sony' cassette player as a kid? 🙋‍♂️ We'd been looking for a modern alternative for our 4 y/o and found Yoto. We love it! I started writing a long update about it which turned into a short post. Check it out... https://piet.me/yoto 😬

Left: my first sony cassette player. Right: Yoto mini player

Yoto - The Screen-Free Audio Player for Children

Yoto is a screen-free audio platform that lets kids explore 1,000+ stories, music, activities, sound effects, radio, podcasts and more. A safe and secure audio player that puts children in control of their learning. Welcome to Audiotime.


Just bought @trumpet@mas.to a donut. Thanks for the lovely instance and the delightfully short domain. 💖


Started using Continuity Camera on #macOS on a regular basis. Found this little non-magnetic camera holder. Super nice! Works well with a case on the phone and has a good forward tilt so the camera frames up perfectly. 👍 #3dprinting


   Continuity Cam Mount - V2 (Macbooks and iMac 2021) by yejj97

Continuity Cam Mount - V2 (Macbooks and iMac 2021) by yejj97

CONTINUITY CAM MOUNT - V2 (MACBOOKS AND IMAC 2021) V3 is available here: https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:5612900 This is version 2 of my previous iPhone mount for Macbook to aid the new Continuity Camera feature on MacOs Ventura released in Oct 2022. Belkin’s MagSafe Continuity Camera mount (29.95 USD) that snaps on the iPhone work like magic. However, I find the mount itself could be distracting with a large portion of the mount exposed on top of the monitor. Just like the V1, this design tilts the iPhone camera forward, instead of following the angle of the MacBook monitor. This enables you to open the monitor at a larger angle for better viewing while keeping the camera (your face) upright. Improvements:-Smaller form factor allows you to carry around conveniently-Simple clamp design to secure iPhone-2 size options to fit both case and non-case users-Works great on Desk Mode-Easy to print (No support needed) Update 6 Nov 2022: -Uploaded new model for iMac 2021 (Note: I do not own an iMac, so I could not test it out. Please let me know if it does not works well on it) If the two options don't fit your device, you can consider scaling the model up by 1-3%.Version 3 coming soon. Stay tuned!


So I used the migration tool but it seems only some of my followers were migrated. It’s not super clear why some weren't. Overloaded servers? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hey folks! 👋

I decided to migrate from @pietvanzoen@mastodon.social to @pietvanzoen@mas.to. ✨

I'm a #webdev currently working on things in the wood industry for Cutr.ai in the Netherlands. Outside of work I'm a generalist nerd in to #scififantasy (tv and books), #vim, #knitting and #3dprinting.

#introductions 😬



Find the right production partner for your project. Cutr is the FSC-certified wood marketplace! Our production partners offer the best price, quality, and delivery time for your projects. Get a quote in 12 hours - upload a CAD file or speak to our expert team.


Hey folks! Using mastodon? Put your handle in your twitter bio or in a pinned tweet so folks can find you (if you want to be found 😊).

Bonus… https://fedifinder.glitch.me can automagically parse twitter bios and give you a csv of mastodon handles that you can import into mastodon. ✨

Good resource! Find me here and say hi 👋: https://mastodon.social/pietvanzoen

Oh and https://t.co/OTxX25q4n7 is a fantastic resource for learning about Mastodon.

The short version is that it's Twitter but hosted like email: you can connect with anybody even though there are lots of distinct hosts.

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Gonna tell my kids these two are Syril and Dedra #Andor pic.twitter.com/jppsmeTFtM

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