Today is one of these days...

Frida’s choices of laying spots perplex me.

My mother-in-law is visiting after not seeing the T for 2 years. Tonight I asked T who she wanted to read bedtime books. Without looking up, she pointed in her grandma’s direction and said “him.”

For some reason I was reminded of Mr Blobby and good grief that was a strange phase of British late night television.

Not wrong...

Dear English Language, pic.twitter.com/pgi3kAkm6Q

— Jazz Emu (Life Coach) (@thejazzemu) September 29, 2021

Just finished my autumn knitting project for the kiddo. Super happy with the result! This is the Undertone pattern from @tincanknits@twitter.com. 🧶 https://tincanknits.com/pattern/undertone

Not all heroes wear capes. 💯

Can we stop pretending like it’s difficult to exit Vim?

— lil c (@seclilc) November 14, 2021

Home with a sick kiddo so we bake cookies together. Big mistake. Kid takes one that she’ll “eat later”. I’ve had 6 so far.

Crap. I might have to buy yet another split ergo keyboard. 😍


This looks super nice!

Excited to share my new project Universal Sans, a variable typeface system that allows people to customise and download their own bespoke version of the typeface. Try it at: https://t.co/zvNSY1y3QS #universalsans pic.twitter.com/3uCFdS2mwS

— Briton Smith (@britonsmith) October 29, 2019