Always a good day when latest Drift magazine arrives. I guess you could describe it as a travel magazine about #coffee? Really beautiful photography and articles about coffee shops, culture, and history in a given city. This month one of my favourite cities I’ve visited, Berlin! ☕️ 😊


front cover of Drift magazine with a black and white photograph of a state building in Berlin
open magazine with photography of a coffee shop interior
open magazine with photographs of Berlin architecture and a coffee shop interior

Drift – Drift is a print magazine devoted to coffee culture. Each issue takes us to a different city as we discover what makes a city's coffee scene tick.


When my American friends ask how many points one country can give another during #Eurovision voting.

Screenshot from from Star Wars Andor. Kino Loy says "Never more than 12"

Good quote by @thomaseckert@mastodon.coffee on a recent @jsparty@changelog.social episode.

"A codebase is an artefact of multiple decisions".

I kind of love this idea. Every decision you make in code (no matter the size) becomes an artefact that someone in the future has dig out and understand.

Close up from Spiderman of Uncle Ben saying to Peter Parker "with great power comes great responsibility."

Been playing around with #RemixRun for a toy project. So far I'm pretty impressed! It does a pretty good job of walking the line between not being too magical and being understandable. And setting things up to ship a no-javascript frontend is pretty straight forward.

Gif of a boy using at a computer with a mouse. He turns to the camera and gives an approving nod and a thumbs up.

The Banshees of Inisherin has a lot of excellent knit wear. 😍

Screenshot from The Banshees of Inisherin of Barry Keoghan sat on a stone wall with cliffs in the background wearing a thick ribbed baggy knitted purple sweater with a large pointed collar
Screenshot from The Banshees of Inisherin of Colin Farrell walking down a stone path wearing a blue knitted sweater with a loose turtle neck collar and a pinstripe jacket
Screenshot from The Banshees of Inisherin of Colin Farrell stood in a doorway wearing a red knitted sweater with large vertical bands and a large pointed collar

Testing something

Hey there. "how awesome is this?" & this '

Just started using #ChatGPT and #GithubCopilot for a personal project and I'm pretty impressed. They've been super helpful with writing tests and figuring out complex #SQL queries and #Regex.

Also, I accidentally discovered that Copilot can help write commit messages. Using a commit message template with a prompt comment and running git commit --verbose, Copilot does a great job of reading the diff and figuring out the appropriate commit message.

Late introduction to the newest member of our family… Floris! The handsomest chap there ever was.

He’s a 5 y/o Maine Coon with a gentle soul and had been settling in nicely. ❤️

(Late #Caterday entry. 😸)

grey Maine coon cat led in a turned over laundry basket

“And what’s the deal with Lego?!” 😬

Chill Sunday afternoon with the family and building my wife’s Xmas present. ☺️

#Seinfeld #Lego

close up of a Lego man holding a microphone on a little stage with a red brick wall behind him

I’m probably more excited than I should be about this sweet baby Lego Grogu keychain I got. 😍

Close up of two keys and a lego baby Grogu keychain