Freaking out a little reading The Body by Bill Bryson. There’s a section about fungi that have evolved to grow in humans. Very strong real world #LastOfUs vibes. 😱🍄

Rewatched Tremors this evening because why not. Jaws, but on land, with Kevin Bacon. 🤷‍♂️

Then stumbled on this pretty damn cool print by http://stevenlurosholliday.com.

Tremors movie poster by Steven Luros Holiday

The Art Of Steven Luros Holliday

The Art Of Steven Luros Holliday


Anyone else use #HansZimmer soundtracks for super intense productivity music? My favourites: Interstellar soundtrack, Dunkirk soundtrack, Dune soundtrack.

Also related and amazing... Hans Zimmer breaking down Dune on Song Exploder.

Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Expanded Edition] by Hans Zimmer

Interstellar (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) [Expanded Edition] by Hans Zimmer

Album · 2014 · 30 Songs


Searching a library's GitHub issues for info about an error. One result, no answers. "Well at least someone else had this problem!". One full minute later. "Oh. That was me."

So I experienced this xkcd in real life but the other person was me. 🎉


xkcd comic 979

Quiet Sunday morning playing with Lego with my daughter and the Apple Music Chill Mix is really hitting the spot.

I stumbled on to the archive of BBC news articles related to the worlds ugliest dogs and it does not disappoint. Also, kudos to the BBC’s commitment of covering this important topic.



Me looking at the code I wrote before I left for paternity:

I saw these keycaps in a control console at the ESA space museum. They’re gorgeous! 😍 Anyone know if something like this is being produced and where to get them? #MechanicalKeybaords #Keycaps

Back to work next week after paternity leave. 😰 It's been so nice just hanging as a family. Hoping we all settle into our new family rhythms quickly.

Also... do I remember how to code? 🤷‍♂️

Dan Bruno (@danbruno@xoxo.zone)

I think my favorite use of emoji responses on Slack/Discord/etc is when someone just latches onto a particular word in a message and attaches its emoji, with no semantic content intended. E.g. someone'll say "Sorry, the bus is running late" and someone else will just slap a 🚌 on there to confirm that they did indeed notice and recognize the word "bus"