I think I need to get a plant so I can name it.

I woke up and named all of my plants. How is your day going?

— Tina Roth Eisenberg (@swissmiss) February 24, 2019

Wife reading an animal picture book to the 1 y/o.

Wife: Tiger. Roar!
1 y/o: ...
Wife: Fish. Glug glug, glug glug.
1 y/o: ...
Wife: Giraffe... 🤔 I’m a giraffe!!
1 y/o: 🤨

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@hamiltonmath@twitter.com Almost like the kind of place you’d like to visit some time right? 😜

Pretty dang gorgeous day in Leiden. 😎 leiden

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@rdohms@twitter.com But imagine if the only term was 'Full-stack'? That's kind of what we're facing in front-end.

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@jkreeftmeijer@twitter.com Ah ha! I was missing the prefix! 🤔 And no worries. We're all busy people. When I get some time I'll at least try to write up some documentation from what I've learned. :)

‘Frontend’ is too broad a term in 2019. You can love HTML/CSS and not JavaScript, or visa-versa. I think that’s ok. But we need terminology for both when hiring and planning career paths. Good post on this topic by @paul_v_m@twitter.com


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@paul_v_m@twitter.com ‪Oh my this is a fantastic pin, and a wonderful use of it. As a nervous speaker and a Vonnegut fan I may have to steal this idea. 😬‬

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Parenthood is opening up whole new worlds to me.