Getting back to running after taking a little break… since October. 😅👟 I don’t feel awful! 🎉

New running shoes! Ran 3km in 24 minutes with an average pace of 7:45/km


I’ve been getting back into playing bass again. Pretty happy with this little home setup I put together.

my bass setup

I’m particularly chuffed with the white/red ashdown AAA 60W amp I found. It’s nice to have an amp that isn’t just a big black box if you’re going to keep it in the living room.

The bass is a Sqiuer Classic Vibe 60s P-Bass. I’ve always liked the P-Bass sound and look. (Thanks for the squier p-bass videos @TylerSpicerMusi@twitter.com !)

Now I just need to find some people to play with. 😛 Anyone in the area fancy jamming some time?

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Is it a late 30s thing to have to have multiple attempts at putting things in the trash? Even if my hand is directly over the garbage can, whatever it is magically leaves my hand horizontally and then falls on the floor. No? Just me? Ok fine.

💯 And…

  1. Going for a walk

My pick of the Top 3 code debuggers:

3. Explaining the code to someone else.
2. Simplifying the code.
1. Sleep.

— Jason Gorman @jasongorman@mastodon.cloud (@jasongorman) May 10, 2022
Replying to myself

This was my 7am knitting spot while on vacay this last weekend. Quite delightful. 🌲 🐦 🧶

Playing with the kid’s spirograph. 🌈 ☺️

An instant classic! 😛

After months of hard work, based on years of experience - I’m finally releasing my book today. pic.twitter.com/1W4MLOAFTx

— Ed Sánchez (@edwardsanchez) April 2, 2022

It took me too long to get around to reading this. Recommended reading for anyone with strong opinions, especially if you’re also in a leadership position. A short and pleasantly constructive article:


Strong Opinions Loosely Held Might be the Worst Idea in Tech - The Glowforge Blog

Strong Opinions Loosely Held Might be the Worst Idea in Tech - The Glowforge Blog

"Strong opinions, loosely held" is a tech mantra that deserves to be re-examined. Communicating uncertainty will improve your results.