The 4 y/o’s new favourite game is called β€˜Are you sweaty?’ in which she feels under your clothes to see if you’re sweaty.

Improvement! 🧠

Wordle 199 5/6


We’ve reached the next level of the pandemic. πŸ†

β€œHow can we make year 3 of the pandemic the most psychotic yet?”

Jewelers: say no more fam pic.twitter.com/ssaiJ7Su4s

β€” Jeanette Hayes (@jeanettehayes) January 4, 2022

I’m so good at word games. πŸ˜‘ Wordle 198 6/6


I’m getting choked up listening to Everything’s Not Awesome from the Lego Movie 2 soundtrack. How’s your year going?


Kids of the future won't understand the struggle pic.twitter.com/l9kn30wOtN

β€” Jen Gentleman 🌺 (@JenMsft) December 30, 2021

Don't Look Up is the most terrifying apocalypse movie I've ever seen.

Just discovered festivus.dev and it’s the Seinfeld / Developer crossover I never knew I needed:

Friday deployment adventures. pic.twitter.com/UUhLSWt4wj

β€” den (@DennisCode) December 19, 2020

Keeping up my stellar cadence of ~2 blog posts per year. ✊ Here's a quick one on how I manage vim sessions when working on multiple branches at the same time. ✨


Never has any person so succinctly captured the feelings of so many in one tweet:

Is it omicron or delta or your period or a cold or flu or allergies or anxiety or long covid or perimenopause or food poisoning or migraine or a tumor (β€œit’s not a tumor”) or PTSD or parenting is just so hard lolol or too much sitting and screen time and stress or IS IT COVID or

β€” Farah Miller (@farahlearned) December 19, 2021