Website: https://piet.me

Github: https://github.com/pietvanzoen

Mastodon: https://indieweb.social/@pietvanzoen


That's it. 🤷‍♂️👋

Piet van Zoen

Piet van Zoen

Hi, I'm Piet. I build things for the web. This is my website.


I kind of love it when this happens.

Screenshot of results from DuckDuckGo for 'mastodon migration cooling off'. Results include 'Mastodons migrated across extreme distances due to climate change', 'American Mastodons Trekked North Because of Global Warming'
Screenshot of results from DuckDuckGo for 'mastodon safari'. Results include 'American Mastodon Toy', 'Mastodon by Safari'

We were at an #ExPat kids birthday party this morning. Birthday girl heroically waited through 3 variants of happy birthday in English, Spanish, and Dutch before being able to blow her candles out. 👏🥳🎂

Whoop. Smooth migration from @pietvanzoen@mas.to to @pietvanzoen@indieweb.social. I debated starting my own instance, but... ya know... with kid number 2 due very soon I figured giving myself another side project probably wasn't wise. #Adulting


I moved my website #hosting from #GitHubPages to my #Linode VPS. Pretty much solely so I could control redirects and implement this:


So now I can be found on Mastodon by searching hi@piet.me. 😬 Totally worth it.

Mastodon - be findable with your domain (on Firebase hosting)

Mastodon - be findable with your domain (on Firebase hosting)

While it’s cool to host your own Mastodon server, it’s not really efficient. A simple thing you can do, however, is to make it easier for others to discover your presence, if they already know your website. Try it out – search for “johnmu@johnmu.com” in your Mastodon instance. Also, click “follow” for SEO tips & other bad takes. Why is hosting your own instance inefficient? In short, sending updates between users (followers, followees) means connections between their individual servers, and if everyone has their own server, it’s a lot of network activity.


Might have to give this a try. Repurposing a kindle as a smart home e-ink display. #HomeAutomation #UpCycle


Your next smart home device is a $30 used Kindle

Your next smart home device is a $30 used Kindle

If you know how to use a command line, you can build one


Perfect little #coffee setup for the flex office. Thanks for the inspiration @keatley@mas.to!

Small French press brewing on a counter next to a mug and a mason jar of ground coffee

Autumn in The Netherlands is a lovely time to #BikeCommute. (When it's not raining of course).

View from my bike with the sun rising in front of me and filtering through trees

Feeling FOMO for some mastodon servers and thinking about migrating… again. 🙈 On the other hand it feels like a big deal choosing a server that matches your interests and values. Dilemma!

Gosh. It’s been a while since I posted a good Frida pic. So here’s two. Zen garbage cat, and standard floofy belly shot. #cats

Frida the Maine coon cat sleeping with an empty smarties packet on her head
frida the Maine coon cat led on her back showing her white fluffy belly