Back when people left the house...

British people: “Might rain later, I’ll take an umbrella”

Dutch people: “According to the graphs I downloaded there is a 61.8% chance of precipitation between 9:20 and 9:30am, but if I leave at 9:07 I can avoid it”

— Ben Coates (@bencoates1) June 5, 2019

Toddler pulls a magazine off the shelf to read and nocks most of the shelf on the floor in the process.

Toddler without missing a beat: “Pa you clean it.”


I'm looking forward to people not needing to say 'unprecedented' quite so much.

I walk into the room.

Toddler: Go away papa!

Mama: That’s not very nice.

Toddler: Go away papa pleeease!

I put together a quick how-to for my customised @pimoroni@twitter.com PiBow case that fits a Raspberry Pi + @ThePiJuice@twitter.com + @adafruit@twitter.com PiTFT. https://piet.me/blog/customized-pibow-case-for-raspberry-pi-pijuice-pitft/

Toddler seeing me typing: "Papa, you're dancing with your hands!" ❤️🕺

I’m not sure if Pixar dropped acid before dreaming up Soul but oh my god it’s fucking beautiful. My mind is blown. 😱

Any tips on a first 3D printer? The Flashforge Adventure 3 looks interesting and in the price range I’m after. Enclosed would be nice because cats. Any others worth looking into? #3dprinting

MySpace is why I first learned CSS. Thanks Tom!

I became a Web developer so I could have the slickest MySpace page.

What about you?

— Ada Rose Cannon (@AdaRoseCannon) December 20, 2020