My kid is just going to have to make do with this toast with a smily face of chocolate sprinkles I made her.

This is professional surfer Billy Kemper — and his son Lion — surfing together.

Just gonna leave it here. Magnificent…https://t.co/Ccv3Li053e

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) June 11, 2021

What alternatives to Slack are folks using and enjoying? What’s different? What’s better?

Not sure what the Fastly issue was yet, but timely reminder for those asking 'how could this happen with today's technology' that modern software infrastructure isn't what you imagine it is. https://xkcd.com/2347/

The ‘the internet is broken’ Twitter is my favourite twitter.

🧵 💯


Some new and exciting things on the horizon for me (more on that later) which means I’ll be leaving YoungCapital. So the amazing and caring team that I’m sad to be leaving is hiring! Check out the post here: ✨ https://www.youngcapital.nl/vacatures/549085-fulltime-javascript-developer-at-youngcapital-in-hoofddorp

Even if something doesn’t sound exactly like you, if you like the sound of the work please apply! It’s been an absolute joy to be a part of this team. ❤️

Javascript Developer at YoungCapital in Hoofddorp | Young...

Javascript Developer at YoungCapital in Hoofddorp | Young...

We're looking for a fulltime Javascript Developer to help buil...


Speaking of expat goals. My breakfast this morning has consisted of goldfish crackers, hobnobs, and a stroopwafel.

Ok, new expat goal. I need to figure out how to get ‘gezellig’ or ‘lekker’ in a sentence with ‘chuffed’ and ‘y’all’.


Today is my wife’s last day at her current job. Next week she starts full time on her own business ✨ https://studiozoen.com ✨. She’s crazy talented and it’s been amazing seeing her do something she loves. ❤️ If you haven’t seen it already please check out her work!

The fact that the UK has zero points and Germany has 3 is all the proof I need that this is European payback. #Eurovision