Hey product folks and devs! What's your go to tool for iteration/kanban management? I'm pretty familiar with using Jira and Gitlab/Github issues. What other tools are out there?


OK https://t.co/cB7hte4rTM

— Airam Mateos (@airammateos) July 3, 2021

Look. Sometimes I just want to go to your marketing website and not get automatically redirected to your app dashboard, even if I'm already logged in. Anyone else feel like this is a url/web anti-pattern?

Watching British Antiques Roadshow for the first time in a while and OH MY GOD WE’RE SO EMOTIONALLY REPRESSED.

“This is worth £20,000”.
“Yes…. Oh… Well.” 😳

There is sooo much value in this advice. Time is your scarcest resource. The ‘simplest solution’ has the duel effect of being the quickest to implement and the easiest to maintain.

As someone who ends up building a lot of architectural and infrastructure code, there's one thing I cannot emphasize enough: do the simplest thing that works. Do not try to imagine future requirements, or support ill-defined potential use cases. It will always change later.

— Promit Roy ⚡ (@promit_roy) June 18, 2021

I love @wirecutter@twitter.com. But often I wish there was a euro-centric version. So many things are way more expensive here vs US or just not available.

Hey Netherlands folks! Is anyone aware of a health insurance collective agreement for freelancers?

Without fail, iOS consistently corrects “well” to “we’ll” and “we’ll” to “well” in the exact opposite direction that I’d like. Is ‘autocorrect micro aggressions’ a term?

My kid is just going to have to make do with this toast with a smily face of chocolate sprinkles I made her.

This is professional surfer Billy Kemper — and his son Lion — surfing together.

Just gonna leave it here. Magnificent…https://t.co/Ccv3Li053e

— Rex Chapman🏇🏼 (@RexChapman) June 11, 2021

What alternatives to Slack are folks using and enjoying? What’s different? What’s better?