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@paulhwpark@twitter.com If you haven’t seen this before you’re going to love it: http://ncf.idallen.com/english.html

I spent the whole evening doing paper work and I don’t even feel bad. #adulting ✊

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Well this sounds like a delightful place to work.

The CEO of @RevolutApp on Slack: “Why aren’t you working on weekends?”

🚮 pic.twitter.com/skGU8VZWF9

— Phillip Caudell (@phillipcaudell) February 28, 2019


The more programming tools you use, and the more indirection you add to the system, the more difficult it gets to maintain. Then you look for more tools to manage the complexity, and add more indirection to try to manage it, and you end up with runaway inflammation.

— Gary Bernhardt (@garybernhardt) February 27, 2019

Even after using vim for 4 years this happens more often than I care to admit.

A llama named Caesar the No Drama Llama boarded a tram in Portland with his handler Larry McCool to go to Wizard Con. This appears to be a factual statement.


Say hi to the newest QA engineer at @YoungCapital_NL@twitter.com. 💁‍♀️