Yes. Always. 😛

I think my number growing up and my current mobile number are the only phone numbers I remember now. I don’t even know my wife’s number. 😕

Does anyone (who grew up pre everything on social media) remember their parents landline numbers?

I don’t want them, I just wondered.

— Chris the outspoken (@outspoken_chris) May 14, 2021

Mama hugs and kisses 3 y/o while she’s busy playing.

3 y/o: “Niet doen, go away!”

It’s so nice having a multilingual child. 🇳🇱🇬🇧

Anyone have recommendations for indoor plant care books for beginners? I got a bunch of plants at the beginning of lockdown that I’ve managed not to kill but I feel like I could do better. 🪴

this is not what you think it is.

Tell me your programming language of choice without using code from your language of choice

— 🪩 Jean Yang 🪩 (@jeanqasaur) May 11, 2021


I guess that’s good then. 😊


This 🧵 💯

The problem with modern web dev summed up in a tweet:

The problem isn't frameworks themselves, but the fervent euphoria around them, where a privileged majority gets to say "this is a best practice, learn it", while ignoring the unsustainable burnout that sort of churn invites.

— malchata (@malchata) May 8, 2021


The further I get into my career, the less specific opinions I have on software development and data and the more I am just amazed that this <gestures vaguely at entire Internet> works at all.

— Vicki (@vboykis) May 7, 2021

I wrote about my email workflow after switching to @fastmail@twitter.com from @heyhey@twitter.com. Really happy with the switch. Same workflow, but greater flexibility to evolve it.