You can send an email to an actual dumpster on fire with 2020 plastered on the side. You know. Just in case you need to. 🗑🔥


Finally got around to trying https://healthchecks.io/. Super elegant way to monitor cron jobs! Just append a curl to a job script, you can even pass the status code for some extra data.

@pietvanzoen@twitter.com This has been my afternoon:

Basically even if you're transferring to an external device the file is cached with the Files app. And when the storage is full you can't move anything off the iPad, even to an external device. The only way to purge the cache is to delete/reinstall the Files app. 😱

The whole thing is glitchy as fuck.

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iPadOS storage management is mind boggling. Transferring files from an app to a USB stick seems to first add the file to the Files app (taking up storage) before transferring to the stick. There seem to be no way to free up the space in on the iPad after the transfer. 🤯

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This is the first ever “every developer should know” list I agree with. 💯

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This. At least once a month:

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