Happy new year errybody!

Also… I’ve been a little busy of late with this little munchkin. Welcome to the world buddy. ☺️

I've completed "Calorie Counting" - Day 1 - Advent of Code 2022 #AdventOfCode https://adventofcode.com/2022/day/1

Day 1 - Advent of Code 2022


What are folks’ experience with the reliability of using a #raspberrypi with usb drives and raid as a home #nas? I don’t really want to fork out for a synology nas right now, and I have all the parts to build a pi one.

Completely normal thing to get comfy on. #FridaVanZoen

frida the cat laying across the handles of our exercise bike

Getting my sew on and #mending some sheets. 🪡 Bonus, I successfully avoided stabbing myself in the finger.

sewing sheets with a sewing machine


Hey #IndieWebSocial. What do folks recommend for a self hosted bookmark manager?

So it’s probably time for my #IndiewebSocial #introduction. 😬

Hi! I’m Piet. I build stuff for the web. Currently working for a startup in #Amsterdam building fun things for the #wood industry. 🪵

Outside of that I’m generalist nerd interested in #SciFiFantasy, #knitting, #3dPrinting, and #IndieWeb tinkering. I live in #Leiden #Netherlands with my artist wife (https://studiozoen.com) and family including #FridaVanZoen.

I jotted down my current IndieWeb stack over here: https://piet.me/stack/


Oh huh. I've been wondering why my #MacbookPro battery stops charging at 80%. Turns out it's a feature not a bug. 🐛

Screenshot showing macOS settings with an option to optimise battery charging

Frida ended up buried during play time and was totally ok with it. #FridaVanZoen

frida the Maine coon cat buried under cushions and blankets