I put together a quick how-to for my customised @pimoroni@twitter.com PiBow case that fits a Raspberry Pi + @ThePiJuice@twitter.com + @adafruit@twitter.com PiTFT. https://piet.me/blog/customized-pibow-case-for-raspberry-pi-pijuice-pitft/

Toddler seeing me typing: "Papa, you're dancing with your hands!" ❤️🕺

I’m not sure if Pixar dropped acid before dreaming up Soul but oh my god it’s fucking beautiful. My mind is blown. 😱

Any tips on a first 3D printer? The Flashforge Adventure 3 looks interesting and in the price range I’m after. Enclosed would be nice because cats. Any others worth looking into? #3dprinting

MySpace is why I first learned CSS. Thanks Tom!

I became a Web developer so I could have the slickest MySpace page.

What about you?

— Ada Rose Cannon (ada@mastodon.social) (@AdaRoseCannon) December 20, 2020

Tried and true strategy. 💯


Nice trick! And I concur with the try/catch sentiment.

const res = await promiseFn().catch(() => defaultValue)

i dislike try/catch i won’t use it unless i have to.

— Claudio Semeraro (@keepitterron) December 18, 2020

Genuinely curious... How are the PAW Patrol financed? They have some pretty serious tech. Someone has to be paying for it. 🤔

This is the Roald Dahl humour you never knew you needed:

Publisher: So you've given us a book about a big friendly giant, one about an enormous crocodile, and another where a granny takes a magic medicine and grows as big as a house. What's new?
Roald Dahl: There's this peach...
Publisher: Is it -
Roald Dahl: It's fucking huge

— Andy Ryan (@ItsAndyRyan) December 9, 2020