So if the company is a product and their employees are their customers are they going to maintain support for the old policies for existing customers like they do for Basecamp Classic and Basecamp 2?

Marvin Gaye’s Let’s Get It On is one of those songs where I can’t not hear the exact moment where there wasn’t quite enough tape left on the mixtape that lived in my car for several years. 📼

Anyone own a Dyson Pure Cool and found a good 3rd party replacement filter? @Dyson@twitter.com has been out of stock of theirs for months with no idea of when they’ll come back in stock.

Pretty frustrating to fork out for a high quality air filter only for it to become obsolete within a year because replacement filters are not available.

I need a new word for "complexity" that isn't about saying "this is hard" but means "this adds more things to think about, manage, and debug". Any tips?

T (repeating something mama says): You’re my favourite girl!
Mama: Awww. Who’s your favourite boy?
T: Not papa.

Oh boy. The paragraph about falling in love with the solution over the original problem. 💯 I’m could be so much better at this.


goodnight sweet prince pic.twitter.com/6ZZFZcnKnl

— everest (@everestpipkin) April 3, 2021

Folks! Please a send me your favourite articles, videos, and books on automated e2e browser testing. I’m particularly interested in the practice and architecture of a comprehensive e2e testing platform. Thankssss 🙏 🙇‍♂️ ✅

Really excellent article by @whereistanya@twitter.com on, well, being kind, particularly in tech. Soooo many ways I need to be better at this stuff. 📝