Something bothering me about frontend development recently is how uncomfortably close it often feels to e.g. the world of fitness, diets, self-help: an unending treadmill of trends, driven by people relentlessly hawking insider access to the latest silver bullet.

— Tom Dale (@tomdale) May 28, 2020

The toddler has moved beyond just saying "no" to everything. She will now say "no" to everything. E.g. "no breakfast!", "no shoes!", etc. They grow up so fast.

Desk side buddy #wfhcats

Super excited about the v1 release of Deno today! A secure JavaScript runtime with first class TypeScript support and entirely independent from node and npm. Congrats to the @deno_land team! https://deno.land

Deno - A modern runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript


Every time I listen to Bill Withers ‘Lovely day’ all I can think of is Maurice taking a sip of his first cup of tea of the day. Anyone else?

I like to make terrible interior design suggestions to annoy my wife. It has the nice side effect of masking when I make a genuine suggestion which she also thinks is terrible.

Current stress levels be like...

Toddler looking at my hands. Shocked and acting like I’m injured. “No that’s just dry skin and wrinkles.”

They really know how to get you where It hurts.

Week x full time with toddler. There is no weekday. There is no weekend. Time is meaningless.

Not all heroes wear capes.

People talking: "...and we could animate that onscroll..."
Me (from across the bar, wearing a leather duster, smoking a marlboro): "You sure about that, kid?"

— Dave Rupert (@davatron5000) March 31, 2020