Just finished This is How You Lose the Time War. I’ve never read a sci-fi book like it. Absolutely beautiful. 💙❤️


Why yes I have been voluntarily listening to a kids show soundtrack while working today. And yes it is amazing.


Bluey the Album by Bluey

Bluey the Album by Bluey

Album · 2021 · 17 Songs



— dan mentos (@DanMentos) October 4, 2021

PSA to parents… @OfficialBlueyTV@twitter.com is the most wholesome, delightful, and lovingly crafted kids show my 3 y/o watches and I love watching it with her. Watch it. Watch it right now.

Amazingly, this is totally accurate.

How to measure as a Brit. pic.twitter.com/oFh7CrIw8l

— No Context Brits (@NoContextBrits) September 19, 2021

New profile pic courtesy of the amazing Studio Zoen! So freaking proud of what Keven (my wife) has accomplished in the last year. Check out her other portraiture work here: https://www.studiozoen.com/home/portraits


How WandaVision Actress Elizabeth Olsen Brought Wanda to Life https://t.co/DBxZMp3Nus pic.twitter.com/XFMSy9ujVO

— io9 (@io9) August 21, 2021

Is this the new tabs vs spaces?

I’m torn. Should I do a 13 or 16 inch computer for work? Portability is dope but so is a larger screen 🤔

— Taylor Poindexter (@engineering_bae) August 13, 2021

What's everyone's favourite resources and courses for beginners learning to code and learning if they like it? Free or paid. Hit me! 📚

This prompted me to figure out that I was 18 when I first watched this. So I guess that’s what I’ll be thinking about all day. Thanks. 😛😭

"Badgers" is now 18 years old and it still pops into my head regularly. pic.twitter.com/DEhFfOJ7uR

— Barry Malone (@malonebarry) July 20, 2021