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The problem with modern web dev summed up in a tweet:

The problem isn't frameworks themselves, but the fervent euphoria around them, where a privileged majority gets to say "this is a best practice, learn it", while ignoring the unsustainable burnout that sort of churn invites.

β€” malchata.htm (@malchata) May 8, 2021


The further I get into my career, the less specific opinions I have on software development and data and the more I am just amazed that this <gestures vaguely at entire Internet> works at all.

β€” Vicki (on bluesky) (@vboykis) May 7, 2021

I wrote about my email workflow after switching to @fastmail@twitter.com from @heyhey@twitter.com. Really happy with the switch. Same workflow, but greater flexibility to evolve it.


What are your favourite monorepo links? Arguments for/against. Tooling. Tips. 🚝

Based on this thread, it seems 25% (15/58) of Basecamp employees have quit over the policy changes (so far).

Let's keep track of the folks who are leaving @Basecamp and do what we can to find them a new home where they're allowed to exist without being told they're divisive:

β€” John Breen (@_breeeeen_) April 30, 2021

What's everyone's go-to CI platform these days? πŸ€–

A pretty spot-on observation.

Twitter often seems like farting in a van where you can’t roll the windows down. https://t.co/maQdREwYTD

β€” St. Vincent (@st_vincent) April 28, 2021

With the little Dutch I understand I’m deriving so much joy from listening to this dude speak Flemish.

I swear it sounds like a Scotsman speaking Dutch.

Belgian man parks in garage 6cm wider than his car pic.twitter.com/uqy1J7JdA7

β€” Tom Moylan (@moylato) April 27, 2021