Things I wish I knew before my daughter was born

I'm going to be a first-time father very soon. For the parents out there, what's something you wish somebody had told you about raising little ones?

— Brian Wang (@brianmwang) November 27, 2019

There's no right way to feel when your baby is born

When my daughter was born I was so emotionally overwhelmed after a difficult birth. You hear so many stories about people “falling in love as soon as they held their new child”. I expected that, and when I didn’t feel that immediately it made me feel like I was a bad parent, in the first moment of holding my child!

You are the professional

You are the professionals of your own child.

This is something our homecare nurse told us when our daughter was born and it always stuck with me.

People have all sorts of opinions about bringing up kids. People can give advice, but you know your child the best out of everyone in the world. Trust that first.

The baby phase is only about 6 months

Most of what you're learning before your kid is born is how to look after an infant. That phase goes by so quickly. After 6 months you have a crawling tiny human with many opinions.