Ten years

On this day in 2009 Keven and I met a small group of friends and family at the McMenameins Edgefield Hotel in Oregon. We gathered together in a shady part of the gardens and said a few words.

My brother brought his camcorder. He recorded everything for my mum who couldn't make it half way across the world with only two weeks notice.

We could hear children playing and people enjoying their drinks at the outdoor bar nearby. It wasn't the most private cerimony, but it was a space for us.

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Audio Description

A boy screams, having the time of his life. People laugh and enjoy their drinks. Bottles klink. All this can be heard in the distance as our officient, Chris, guides us through a few words.

Chris: "So, Piet. Place the ring on Keven's finger and repeat after me."

I repeat after Chris.

With this ring,

I thee wed,

And everything I have,

I give to you.

Chris: "And Keven. Place the ring on Piet's finger."

Keven laughs trying to remember which finger to place the ring.

Keven repeats the same words.