Task and branch management in Rubymine

"Doing Foo is important under the given conditions. I'm going to show you how to Foo. Do this, then do that. There, now I've shown you how to Foo. You should go out and do Foo."

  • juggling tasks and branches
  • powerful task/context/banch management tools
  • github issues

Juggling tasks and branches can get a little tricky at times. If you have a few tasks you're working on across multiple branches it would be nice if your text editor would pull its weight.

RubyMine has a great set of features for exactly this. Between task creation from github issues, linking issues with branches, and switching contexts, RubyMine can help make juggling several tasks a pretty pleasant affair.

Task and branch creation

First off, you'll need to add your task server. RubyMine supports a bunch of issue/ticket management platforms. At Cozy we use Github issues. In Preferences > Tools > Tasks > Servers add your task server and apply the changes.

Now to create our first task. Open the action finder (⇧ + ⌘ + a in OSX)