Summer Storm

The summer we moved to the Netherlands the was lovely. As we were settling into our new lives we got to enjoy some beautiful sunny days. The evenings, however, were different. With all the heat and humidity came these amazing lightening storms.

It was still 25+ degrees centigrade but outside it was pouring. We loved it. We would lay on our bed with the window open, listening to the rain, watching the flashes, and waiting for the noise.

Last month we were away for the weekend at a vacation house. After a full day escaping the heat at the swimming pool, we settled into our quiet evening. It began to pour outside, and with it came the thunder and lightening.

Headphones on and volume up for the full effect.

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Audio Description

Rain patters on leafs.

Thunder cracks with three large bangs.

The low roll of the thunder continues for another 15 seconds before completely dissipating.

Rain continues to patter.

Recording device: Zoom H1n



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