I recently took a flight from Amsterdam to London. The flight time is only 40 minutes, but before that there's a 20 minute taxi from the terminal to the runway. You cross a motorway and a canal to get this runway. It's in the middle of a field far from any buildings besides a small control tower. This runway is the Polderbaan.

Right next to the Polderbaan there's a carpark that's a really nice spot to watch (and hear) the planes landing or taking off. I finally took Teddie there to watch the planes. We got there and Teddie was more interested in playing in the car or running around the carpark, which was fine.

I got this recording of a Boeing 747 landing. As it's passing the recorder it kicks in the reverse thrust. Teddie held on to my legs as the noise went by.

P.S. This is also the first post using my new Zoom H1n recorder. Enjoy!

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Audio Description

The diesel generator from the snack truck hums in the background.

Children run around and chatter with their parents by the runway. A small dog pants.

Teddie let's out an "ah!" and blows raspberries, her favorite thing to do right now.

In the distance you can hear plane engines winding down. About half way through the recording they suddenly get loud as the reverse thrust engages. The noise drowns out all other sound and pans from left to right as the plane passes by.

The engine noise subsides and children resume their chattering.

Recording device: Zoom H1n