Paris Market

Strolling through a Parisian market with my wife and mother-in-law. French, and ambulances, and squid, oh my!

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Audio Description

People chatter and walk around a busy market.

An ambulance is making it's way through the busy city traffic.

Shop keepers and customers greet each other and speak in French. "Bonjour!"

The ambulance passes by grows quieter before it disappears.

I ask Keven "What did you get?". She replies, "Some cherries, from that hot french guy."

Keven's mom laughs and comments "They did look delish!"

We enjoy the cherries and walk through the market.

Keven's mom notices something she doesn't like the look of. "Eeeew! Is that squid?!"

Market noises and french chattering continues.

Recording device: iPhone 7



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