My box of mistakes

I got myself a 3d printer and I am hooked. I'm hoping to post about some of my projects and learnings soon.

But first I wanted to share this picture of my little box of 3d printing mistakes.

Wooden box with various incomplete 3d printed objects

Some are mistakes, some are prototypes, but all of them represent little moments of learning. For each thing in this box I learned something new, which is why I started keeping them rather than throwing them away.

This got me thinking a bit about mistakes I make every day, at work, at home, with people. Some big mistakes I've made in the past that I still cringe at. What if I thought about these like I think about this box of 3d printed pieces? Rather than a mistake representing how I messed up, I could think of them as moments where I learned something.

There's a Thomas Edison quote that seems appropriate for this train of thought:

I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.



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