Less Ordinary

I recently rediscovered this old recording I made in February 2006.

I was visiting my mum and step-dad in Minehead in the UK. I brought my guitar and my 2006 white MacBook with me. I'd been playing around with a song for a while and decided to put a recording together.

I layered about 5 guitar pieces together, all recorded using the MacBook microphone. At one point you can hear the fan from the laptop kick in.

The song is called Less Ordinary, I have no idea why. Maybe I got it from the film Life Less Ordinary. I might have liked that film at the time.

I remember pretty distinctly listening to Sleater-Kinney's The Woods for the first time on this trip. My song is nothing like Sleater-Kinney, but somehow these two things are related in my memory.

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Audio Description

A soft melancholy sounding song played on an acoustic guitar.

Strummed chords back a plucked melody.

About halfway through the song the whirring of a laptop fan starts in the background.

Recording device: 2006 MacBook