Focus on the problem

Way too often I find myself thinking, 'Oh I should setup this super complicated solution to a problem that maybe one day, in an apocalypse, I might encounter.'

Example: My local Dropbox backup. For some reason I've had it in my head that I need a backup of my Dropbox files on a locally accessible hard drive. The solution I've tried to implement several times is a raspberry pi setup in a cupboard that runs rclone and syncs my dropbox to an external hard drive. It was kind of fun to setup once. But the maintenance was a little frustrating and the solution was fairly unreliable.

I keep thinking, 'I need to setup that up again'. Because why?? Dropbox might collapse and loose all my stuff?? Fairly unlikely.

Anyway, this is a post to persuade myself that I really don't need to solve this problem and should focus on the dozen other hobby projects I've wanted to work on. Such as my shitty game written in Lua that I'm way too proud of already, Spacecaret. 🚀