Moving On: What I learned at Cozy

Moving On: What I learned at Cozy

Today is my last day at Cozy. 😢  My wife and I are flying to the Netherlands to start a new adventure close to my Dutch family. I started at Cozy in January 2014 as a front-end engineer. I have an agency background, and after spending several years working on client websites, I was excited to have a chance to do something different — to work on one product with a cool team.

I can’t possibly write about all the things I learned while I was at Cozy; I’m trying to keep this short. But here are the things that stand out when I think about what I know now versus what I knew then:

Process is fluid

One of my favorite things about working at Cozy is that we allowed our processes to evolve as our team and company evolved. No methodology is one-size-fits-all. In fact, most methods for organizing and prioritizing work don’t match any team perfectly. So, rather than sticking to a process that didn’t fit us, we developed our process to fit our needs as we grew. Try, tweak, repeat.

Teams are like family

Sometimes you disagree. Sometimes you have arguments. And sometimes you’re wrong. But that’s all OK. Tensions happen, but the end of the day you’re still a team and you still have the same goal. Then you can drink beer together.

Choice of work fosters ownership

At Cozy, engineers often have the opportunity to choose what to work on next. For me, this fostered a sense of ownership of my work. And with ownership comes pride, not just after the fact, but during the process of pushing yourself to produce excellent work.

Always be learning

During my first year at Cozy, I was constantly learning and being exposed to new ideas and concepts I hadn’t encountered before. I learned by just doing my job. But eventually that passive learning started to taper off. At that point, I started reading technical books and articles during my bus ride to work. Those 20 minutes of reading each morning helped broaden my ideas about the work I was doing at Cozy, while making me a more well-rounded engineer.

Fight with the tech you have…

…not the tech you want. New ways to build a product can be shiny and exciting. But often enough, you have existing code that’s doing a good job. There’s no need to replace it wholesale when what you have fits your needs. If the way you’re building your product seems like it isn’t working in some way, try to evolve and improve it before throwing everything out. There’s a lot of value in something your team knows how to use, something that’s worked in the past.

I’m super excited for the new adventure ahead of me, but I’m sad to be leaving Cozy. My time at Cozy has been formative, and it’s been my absolute pleasure to work with such an amazing group of people. I’m gonna miss them. 👋 😢

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