@tas50@twitter.com I’m counting down the days to when Lego is no longer a significant choking hazard for Teddie.

Keyboard enthusiasts! Halp! I’m looking at getting a new keyboard. I currently have Cherry MX browns, they’re fine. I’ve really enjoyed Cherry MX reds I tried on a friends keyboard. These are my options. Advice??

I sketched out my highlights and takeaways from @FrontendUnited@twitter.com. Lots to think about. Thanks to the organisers and amazing speakers! #FrontendUnited #sketchnotes

Frontend united day 1 highlights. "This is for everyone". "Focus on the problem, not the solution". "Unconcious bias". "Harmony is greater than unison". "Logic is more important than code". "Information cascade". "Mystery meat menu". "How do we make the web better for everyone?"
Frontend United day 2 highlights. "A little design friction helps embed personality". "Design is applied ethics". "Stylabilla". "Variable fonts". "Should I use flexbox or grid? Yes!". "Technology is not neutral". "Disability is not a health problem. It's a mismatch of human interaction".

My first go doing #scetchnotes! Thanks @Cennydd@twitter.com for the ideas and inspiration around technology and ethics. #FrontendUnited

Staaaaaaaap 😭


It’s easy to forget that part of learning to code is learning how to even get a program running, which is often more confusing/frustrating than the code.

I feel that environment knowledge is often discounted over programming knowledge. Using the command line, knowing how to install a program, knowing how to install dependencies, dealing with version control, and knowing how to debug all of the above, all of this is vital knowledge that’s hard to learn.

So yeah. If you’re learning to code and find this hard, well, it is! Be kind to yourself. Environments are unintuitive and fickle. We’ve all battled through this stuff and still do.

This is a big reason why I still use lodash or Ramda in a number of my projects. Clever code is rarely readable code. It feels good when you write it, but in a team working on production code readability is your no. 1 priority.

Javascript syntax has come a long way, but sometimes a utility library is still useful to abstract common patterns that would be verbose or unreadable with today's js syntax.


Really excellent insights from @KimCrayton1@twitter.com on the @StackOverflow@twitter.com 2019 Developer Survey. Please watch!


Yet another freaking beautiful @TravelOregon@twitter.com ad. 😍

Also, can confirm: I have legit been in a field of frolicking doggos overlooking mount hood.


💯 You can have good relationships with your colleagues but employer pays you money for your time and expertise, your family doesn’t.


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@paulhwpark@twitter.com If you haven’t seen this before you’re going to love it: http://ncf.idallen.com/english.html

I spent the whole evening doing paper work and I don’t even feel bad. #adulting ✊

@schmichael@twitter.com Old habits die hard it seems: https://twitter.com/slackhq/status/1103883819462012928?s=21

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Well this sounds like a delightful place to work.




Even after using vim for 4 years this happens more often than I care to admit.

A llama named Caesar the No Drama Llama boarded a tram in Portland with his handler Larry McCool to go to Wizard Con. This appears to be a factual statement.


This exiting vim joke goes to 11: https://twitter.com/marionpdaly/status/1100067792550735874?s=21